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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Food to eat |

Chicharon Camiling

Chicharon Camiling

Chicharon Camiling or more popularly known as bagnet by nonlocals, is a deep fried pork belly delicacy found in one of Tarlac’s first class municipalities: Camiling.

Couple it with a combination of a locally made fish sauce called bagoong, chopped red onions and tomatoes, and you’re set to have a perfect lunch.

Spiced vinegar or lechon sauce is just as good with this.

chicharong camiling cooked

BEST preparation tips for Chicharon Camiling

  1. Cut it in thin strips much like this photo above.
  2. Fry it in high heat but watch out as it can be easily burn. You’re looking for that orange, golden brown color. Any darker and you end up with tough, chewy bites.
  3. Drain properly with paper towels or strainer to get rid of excess oil and to again, ensure maximum crunch from every side of the meat.
  4. Serve immediately.

Where to buy

Chicharon Camiling is widely available at the Camiling Public Market. It’s usually found in stalls selling fresh pork right next to the fruit stands.

chicharong camiling market scene

chicharong camiling market

This Google map link tells you where they are located exactly.