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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Food to eat |

Chicharon Camiling Buying Guide

Chicharon Camiling Buying Guide

During The First Tarlac Food Exploration: Hidden Gastronomic GemsChicharon Camiling was one of the featured food. But how do you exactly get your hands on this calorific guilty pleasure?

Driving Directions to Camiling Public Market

Here’s the Google Map of Camiling Public Market. If you have a smart phone, just click it and it will show you the destination.

Once you arrive in the public market, use the layout guide below to spot the meat stalls selling Chicharon Camiling. The meat stalls are located at the back of the left wing if you’re facing the public market building.

Camiling Public Market guide to Chicharon Camiling stalls

When to buy

Since the Chicharon Camiling takes time to cook, they’re only available 8am onwards. There’s always the chance that you’ll miss out on the stock so you better buy before lunch time. They sell more during Saturdays because of the weekend crowd.

Chicharon Camiling Sponsors

Thank you to Camiling meat vendors who shared their merchandise to the food tour. The following are their contact information just in case you want to reserve your order.

1. Laza Meat Stall Special Chicharon Camiling

Mobile: 09077066786

Laza Meat Stall

2. Masing Bautista-Naelgas Beef and Pork Dealer and Retailer

Mobile: 09309700635, 09187186989

Masing Bautista-Naelgas

3. Bert and Rose Soriano Meat stall and SPecial Chicharon Camiling

Mobile: 09081375700 and 09996754780

Bert and Rose

4. Lilia T. Martin Meat Dealer and Retailer

(Mobile: 09263752511)


Friendly reminder, eat moderately. With great calories comes greater health responsibility ;) Schedule your mountain to hike or find more reasons to bike in Tarlac!

Note: The event was in partnership with Sustainable Tourism Development Project under the Tarlac EcoTourism Campaign.