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Posted by on Oct 5, 2014 in Biking Western Tarlac, Featured, Places to go, Special features, Things to do |

Biking Western Tarlac: Post Event

Biking Western Tarlac: Post Event

Despite irregular tanlines, sore muscles, and long distances, Biking Western Tarlac 2014 was a success.

All inexperienced bikers, the team took on the challenge of going around Western Tarlac for the sake of adrenaline and tourism. There were easy rides and there are those that push you to your limits. Monasterio de Tarlac, in particular, took some time to get to. The steep roads, the fact that it’s on the second day, and the heat fought against our riders.

From the backseat, passenger seat and back compartment of our pickup truck, I saw firsthand how our riders pushed themselves (and occasionally, their bikes) to reach each stop. As the sun was blazing throughout each day, Ronnie (our emergency medical technician) and I were on edge constantly asking them if they want to ride with us instead and rest. But the will is great, particularly Jessica’s of LGC Bikeshop, who at the third day was racing past the pack and was barely stopping to catch a breath. “Owning a bikeshop, I was constantly teased for not riding a bike. So

I decided to challenge myself and learn. I learned in a day just last October 2013 and after being invited to BWT2014, I trained despite tight schedules, skin allergies, and frustrations, among other things.”

“I decided to stop all the negativities, train with MIZRACH Guimba Bikers and just do it.”

And that she did whilst enjoying all the stops along the way.

The pitstops not only provided well deserved rest for our riders but also affirmed that Tarlac indeed is a great place.

The support from our sponsors proved to fuel our bikers’ spirits even more.

Not to mention the wealth of the western landscapes and the overall positive attitude of the group.

We asked our bikers about their experience and here’s what they have to say:

How was your BWT2014 experience?

Russ: I enjoyed the company of friends and the scenic Tarlac roads. It made me realize how unfit I was and the experience reinforced my commitment to stay fit and do more outdoor activities.

Jessica: Wow… What more can I ask for, it’s the total package! I cannot think of any negative thing that happened throughout the ride. It was a lot of firsts for me: meeting new people, seeing the Camiling Church and Capas National Shrine, visiting Wood Inspirations, camping in a real outdoor setting, and surviving three days of biking.

Melai: It was a scary, exciting, adrenaline pumping, fun, boundary pushing experience! When I finalized our route, I initially doubted myself if I can do it all the way because I haven’t done it before. But I told myself I can do it with proper training and laser focused goal. HOORAY I did!

What was your favorite part?

Russ: My favorite parts were all the downhill portions of the ride.

Jessica: Sorry to say but everything’s my favourite! Everything was new to me… and I love it!

Melai: I have three. First, the positivity and good vibes of the company, never heard anything negative all the way regardless of exhaustion and heat. Second, soaking in the cold river flow after a whole day of pedal pushing while the sun was saying goodbye in the background of the Tarlac mountains. And third, the rewarding food experience in F.I.S.H.! Ang saya saya ng fiesta feeling after all that hardwork.

Again we asked them, would you do it again? Jessica, with all her childlike vibe and her beaming smile exclaimed YES, even recommending it to anyone who loves life and seeks adventure. And the team couldn’t agree more.

Where should the team head out next? East, South or North? We’re sure Tarlac is teaming with tons of gems, be it sight or food, waiting to be uncovered. Tell us about your town and we might just include it in our next itinerary!