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Special Interest Groups

Tarlac Mountaineering Club (TMC)

The Tarlac Mountainnering Club is a non-profit, non-stock organization created for the purposes of educational and social responsibility that encourages people about environment and community awareness and practicing a safe, enjoyable and meaningful mountaineering and other outdoor activities while creating long term and responsive partnerships with communities.

Contact person: Nath De Jesus (0915-9442-224)

Tarlac Cycling Association (TCA)

Tarlac Off-road Riders Organization (TORRO)

Tarlac Cycling Club

Tarlac Airsoft League (TAL)

Photographers’ Club Of Tarlac

The current iteration of the Photographers’ Club of Tarlac started in July 2007 with similar-minded professionals opting to group together for networking. The founders found out that bonding together would harness their individual resources into something that would be much more.

The ever-increasing popularity of photography as a hobby prompted the addition of hobbyists to the club’s formerly all professional roster. This has bolstered the club’s membership from a handful to a more formidable number.

This development drove the vision of the club towards the advocacy of promoting photography as an art. Instead of solely concentrating on photography as a profession, the current focus of the Photographers’ Club of Tarlac now is the advancement of photography as a medium of art and expression, camaraderie among its professional and amateur members, and promoting what the province of Tarlac has to offer.

Green Advocates for Mother Earth – Nature Explorers’ Society of Tarlac (GAME-NEST)

GAME-NEST is a nature exploration and environmental oriented organization that aims to promote a clean, green and healthy environment.
It aspires to introduce the core basic of outdoor and recreational awareness. It has driven inspiration to more individuals pursuing enthusiast to more advance avocations. We are engaged in various outdoor activities like mountain climbing, biking, spelunking, rappelling, snorkeling, island hopping, kayaking, water tubing, and a lot more.We also do socio-civic activities like tree planting, feeding program, gift giving, and medical mission.

“ go where few had ever been before.. the unseen and unspoiled..”
since 1992

Contact Persons:  John/Kukuy (0906-4510-632, 0906-3135-090)